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January 31, 2020 - Meet your ideal Surrey photographer With so many photographers available from you to choose from these days, all display...
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Meet your ideal Surrey photographer

With so many photographers available from you to choose from these days, all displaying their work on various social media channels as well as on their websites, it is quite easy to get caught up in the excitement of their best shots and have paid your deposit before you have even met your Surrey photographer. A great wedding photographer is very different from a great wedding photographer for you! Having the right camera equipment and an eye for detail only goes part of the way, it is important that you get on well together, your photographer plays a hugely important part in your day and you will be spending a lot of time together so if your personality is the polar opposite to your photographer’s, then there is a good chance this will reflect in the photos as you will not be at ease in front of the camera.

Tim and Carmen will always meet his couples before their wedding day, he’ll meet them for an informal chat and then again 4 – 6 weeks before the wedding for their pre-wedding photoshoot.  Many of TiCa’s clients are now friends.

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Book your ideal Surrey wedding photographer

Once the venue is booked, the next thing couples usually book is their photographer, and they are wise to. Tim has weddings booked 2 years in advance so if you have gone to the trouble of choosing and meeting your ideal Surrey wedding photographer, then be sure to book them and secure your date with a deposit.

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Have a pre-wedding photoshoot with your ideal Surrey wedding photographer

Not all photographers offer a pre-wedding photoshoot, whereas some will include it part and parcel with their packages. All of Tim’s packages include a pre-wedding shoot and he loves getting to know his couples better on these fun shoots. The more you get to know your photographer, the more you will feel relaxed around them and this will reflect in your photographs, you’ll feel more carefree, your shoulders will relax, which in turn will give you a better posture, believe it or not, this does have a big impact on how you look in the photos! The pre-wedding shoot is also a chance for your ideal Surrey wedding photographer to find out how much they can push you. For example, Tim loves to suggest to the bride to spin around in her dress, and ask the groom to give his bride a piggyback, this results in giggles galore every time!

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Does your ideal Surrey wedding photographer know your venue?

Arrange to walk around your venue with your photographer, whether you have photos taken for a pre-wedding shoot or not. Walking around your Surrey wedding venue both inside and outside, will help you to find out if there are any venue features that you feel you absolutely must have included in your wedding photos and it will help your photographer consider if there is any special equipment he/she should bring, perhaps for darker indoor places, brightly lit or shadowy outdoor spaces. It also gives you the chance to chat together and get to know each other more.

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Be sure your ideal Surrey wedding photographer knows what you want

Spend a bit of time imagining your day, breaking it down into segments. There’s the ceremony to consider, getting ready beforehand, photos of just the two of you as well as individually, family photos, fun photos, and photos around the venue. By doing this, it will help you compile a list of ‘must-have’ shots, all good wedding photographers can capture the story of your day, but you must be sure to tell them if there are any very special shots that they might not realise you want, for example, a group photo of you with all your university friends, or maybe there are 4 generations of one family together and this is the only chance you might get to capture them all in one photo.

How will your ideal Surrey wedding photographer manage your day?

Whether you realise it or not, your photographer is a key person in the gentle management of your day. They will guide you from one element of the day to the next and will be unobtrusively by your side the whole time. We mentioned before when planning your ‘must-have’ shots, it is helpful to break up your day into segments, by doing this, your photographer will be in a position to efficiently manage your shots ensuring that you are not away from your guests for too long. For most, photos are a hugely important part of your day, but you wouldn’t want your day to revolve around the wedding photography, as you’ll want to be spending time with each other and your guests!


Your ideal Surrey wedding photographer’s take on the confetti shot

Traditionally guests will shower the newlyweds with confetti after the ceremony, if this is something you are really looking to get caught on camera, then be sure to first of all check with your venue that confetti is allowed! Don’t worry though if not, as Tim has the perfect solution! Tim will whisk you away to a secluded picture-perfect place at your venue, he keeps confetti in his jacket pocket and will sprinkle it on to the hands of the newlyweds and ask them to blow it at him, Tim captures this in slow motion and these signature shots of Tim’s couples laughing with confetti swirling around their faces are always a firm favourite.

Is your Surrey wedding photographer insured?

All good photographers will provide you with a contract to sign when you pay your deposit, you must read it through very carefully so you know what will happen in worst-case scenarios, for example, what if the photographer became ill and could no longer capture your day – can they guarantee a backup? What if your wedding was postponed due to an issue with the venue – would you be able to re-book? Be sure that your photographer is fully insured like Tim. It would be advisable that you also get your own wedding insurance to cover any eventuality on the most important day of your life. Another question for you to ask, who owns the copyright of the images? Will you be free to share the images online and print as many copies as you like?


Surrey wedding photography on a tight budget

Whether your budget is big or small, there’s no doubt that this is a very special day. There are many things that you can save money on but we really would not advise you to scrimp on your wedding photography. There are plenty of people with expensive digital cameras but this does not necessarily mean that they are good photographers! Rather than have a package with a pre-wedding shoot, ask your photographer if they would be happy to meet you at your venue for a walk around instead, this ensures you’ll get to know your photographer and he/she will get to know your personalities. You’ll find out which parts of the venue are your favourite, and they can suggest some ideas on how and where you might like to be caught on camera. You can go for a disk-only package rather than disc and album package, wedding albums vary in cost, typically between £200 – £900 per album due to their high quality and bespoke nature. If you do go for disc-only, then you are responsible for the quality of the printed images, not the photographer.

More on Surrey wedding photographer, Tim Henniker-Parker

Tim will capture a photographic diary of your day from the very beginning, he always works with Carmen to make sure no single moment is missed. Your wedding portfolio will display candid reportage style photos, with plenty of fun thrown in for good measure. Your day will be presented in wedding albums that are so beautiful you will want to display them on your coffee table. Tim has a range of stunning albums to suit all budgets. After your day, Tim will put together a 20-minute slideshow of photos synced to the music of your wedding day, you’ll love watching this at Tim and Carmen’s, a glass of wine in hand!

You can choose from various packages with TiCa, disc-only or disc and album. When it comes to your final album if you happen to have a couple of photos taken by the wedding guests that you simply adore, Tim is happy to include them in your wedding album alongside his own professional images. It’s worth knowing that the price you agree with TiCa, is the price he will stick to, there’ll be no hidden extras and charges for extra hours as he’ll be there from the start of your day to just after your first dance. Carmen will provide you with a schedule of your day so you will know what is included.

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