Welcome to the world of TiCa Photography.   We are  Tim and Carmen, a husband-and-wife team.


 I, Tim am a qualified award-winning photographer and  my interest in photography goes back many years, initially joining the Photographic Society at school and then years later developing my own photographs in the darkroom at my home.   It was always magical watching the pictures come to life as they developed.  

We are now in the digital world and processing is done in what we call the 'digital darkroom' with the aid of Photoshop.

For the first part of my life I was in the food industry and very much involved in creating images of our products.  However, for the past 15 years following the encouragement of friends I took up photography on a full-time professional basis.   Whilst I may be the lead photographer, my wife Carmen is also very talented and assists in helping  produce excellent images and ensuring that families are happy and relaxed when we are photographing them.

We see ourselves as masters of light and as such photograph many genres.  We undertake a considerable amount of commercial work which involves photographing properties, food and many other products. We also work with companies for their website content.

We also undertake school photography and have  also worked with a number of charities.

We have a very comfortable studio in Godalming but also enjoy outdoor daylight photography out and about in the countryside.


For those of you who are camera minded we have three main cameras and depending on the shoot dictate which one we use. We have a Nikon D4s, Nikon D810 and a Nikon Z7 ii plus a selection of different lens for each.


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